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Crossville, TN Child Custody Attorney    

When parents decide to go their separate ways the first priority is the well being of their children. Child custody is our specialty at serving Crossville, TN. Divorce and separation are difficult for adults but even more so for children. There are so many factors to consider when deciding on which parent should have custody. In addition, the type of custody has to be determined as well. Will it be sole custody, joint custody, legal custody, physical custody or a combination of types of custodies? At we help you with the emotional turmoil and stress these decisions can create in an understanding and professional manner. Your family's happiness is important to us. We will help you find the right attorney to address all your needs and concerns.

38555 Custody Attorney

At, we serve the 38555 area and will help answer all your questions and connect you with the professional who will best meet your needs. Our child custody attorneys will be available to meet the needs of your unique situation with compassion and professionalism. We will assess the physical and emotional well being of the parents and the children to help you make the best decisions possible for all people involved. Contact us and let us help you get the information you need in a timely manner which addresses your issues personally and directly.

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